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LEGO Creator Bonsai Baum (1028

LEGO Creator Bonsai Baum (1028

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Lego Icons Bonsai Tree 10281

Unleash your creativity and embrace the art of bonsai with this beautiful LEGO Bonsai Tree. A physical endeavour . this project will bring calm and tranquillity to your day. Celebrate the seasons by swapping pink flowers for green leaves. Let your imagination run wild and place the flowers to create your own unique display model with pot and stand.

Bonsai art has captured the imagination of tree lovers for centuries. Now you can celebrate this ancient art with the LEGO Bonsai Tree model building set.

Feel relaxed as you carefully shape the bonsai tree with green leaves or pink cherry blossoms. When you are ready for a change . it is easy to achieve a completely new look by changing the coloured petals. Look closely at the pink flowers . can you see the tiny frogs inside each blossom? The LEGO Bonsai Tree model features a rectangular flower pot and LEGO stand with wooden slats . making it a beautiful piece of decor to display proudly in your home or office. Whether it’s a birthday present for a loved one or a treat for yourself . this set will spark the imagination with its beauty. Part of the LEGO Botany Collection for adults . this set features leaves made from a plant-based plastic produced from sustainable sugar cane.

Number of Pieces: 878

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