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Jura S8 Multifunction Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine | Chrome

Jura S8 Multifunction Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine | Chrome

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Imagine waking up to the rich aroma of freshly brewed cappuccino or espresso. With Jura . this can be your reality. You may find yourself entertaining friends and family with everyone saving money while cutting out the expensive coffee shop brews. When you’re a true coffee lover you know nothing beats a cup of java brewed from the whole beans ground just for your cup.

This state-of-the-art coffee machine comes fully loaded to bring you the very best of function and form. With easy to use 4.3?? high-resolution digital touch screen display . this coffee machine will have you effortless choosing between a wide variety of delicious brews. The expansive options for coffee styles will have you exploring a depth of coffee exploration that you may have prior only experienced with your local barista. Everything from the simple perfection of Espresso and Cappucino to Caff?? Lattes’ and Espresso Macchiatos will be yours at your fingerprints.

Becoming familiar with your Jura cappuccino & espresso machine is easy too . with the clear to follow instructional manual you’ll be brewing up steaming cups of your best ever coffee . with a variety that never gets boring. The pulse extraction system highlights the depth of your coffee beans by cutting them at the perfect angle to fully honor the flavors.

Jura wants you to enjoy every cup you brew with this modern coffee machine so they’ve included features for fully programming the time your cup brews . the temperature; in three levels . auto shut off feature . adjustable milk & foam levels and custom strength to each cup. With so many features you’ll have the freedom you’ve always desired to achieve your best coffee every time you brew. Once you have discovered your favorites you can save the brew instructions and recreate them with ease.

Maintaining your Jura coffee machine is easy to. This phenomenal coffee machine has a built-in integrated maintenance display status to cut out any guesswork about what your machine needs and when it’s needed to brew at optimal levels. This cappuccino & espresso coffee machine is able to be fitted with the Smart Connect system ( not included) so you are always in control of the coffee machine from your smart devices.

Stop spending time and money in crowded . overpriced coffee shops . bring the experience into your very own home with the award-winning elegant and sleek chrome S8 Multifunction Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine by Jura. You deserve to always have the best coffee . every day in the comfort of your own home.

Jura S8 Multifunction Automatic Coffee & Espresso Machine Chrome Product Details

  • Measures 11?? x 13.7?? x 17.5??
  • Pulse extraction process
  • Variable brewing unit
  • Intelligent pre-brew aroma system
  • Whole bean coffee grinder
  • Thermoblock
  • Jura fine foam technology
  • Maintenance status display
  • Integrated rinsing . cleaning . and descaling program
  • Integrated milk system rinsing and cleaning program
  • Jura hygiene?? TUV-certified
  • Filter cartridge
  • Energy saving mode
  • Zero-energy switch
  • Hot water function comes in three levels
  • Additional preground coffee powder

Settings & programming options

  • Programmable and individually adjustable amount of water
  • Programmable and individually adjustable coffee strength
  • Save . and personalize preferences
  • Set brewing temperature
  • Set amount of milk & milk foam
  • Set temperature of hot water
  • Program switch-off time

Display & Materials

  • TFT-Touchscreen-color display
  • Amber – white cup illumination
  • Powder chute for ground coffee
  • Dimensions
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout – 2.8?? to 4.6?? inches
  • Heig
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