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EF EcoFlow Portable Power Station 2016Wh/2400W DELTA Max 2000 with 1800W Dual Fuel Generator

EF EcoFlow Portable Power Station 2016Wh/2400W DELTA Max 2000 with 1800W Dual Fuel Generator

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Introducing the ultimate backup power solution to accompany your portable power station (DELTA Pro/Max). The EcoFlow Smart Generator . now with dual fuel support. It’s smarter . and with propane it’s more efficient . and more intuitive than the rest . all while integrating seamlessly with your EcoFlow DELTA Max . Pro & Power Kits.Huge capacity for extended blackouts.With a 1600W-1800W*1 output and a 4L gasoline tank . you can generate 5.4kWh in gasoline or even 20kWh with LPG*2. That gives you hours up to 12.5 hours of runtime with LPG alone. Connect that to your DELTA Pro/Max to charge up when you’re all out of other options. All while using less fuel . producing less noise . and producing fewer emissions. Save fuel. Maximize efficiency.When paired with DELTA Pro/Max . you’ll get a 40% efficiency gain . saving you fuel . producing fewer emissions . and charging your batteries.That’s down to direct DC-DC charging (10%) and X-Stream Charging tech (30%). With that . you can charge DELTA Max to full in 1.8 hours . or DELTA Pro is 2.7 hours.The efficiencies don’t stop with charging either. Pre-determine a set battery percent and automate the Smart Generator to turn on. It’ll recharge your DELTA Pro/Max . then shut down when full.Stay powered even while charging.While recharging your batteries . you can still use the AC sockets to power other essential AC appliances simultaneously. If both your AC and DC ports are in use . it’ll intelligently prioritize your AC supply to keep powered no matter what. Safety first.The Smart Generator (Dual Fuel) keeps you in the know with a carbon monoxide detector . fuel alert . engine oil alert . temperature protection . overload avoidance . and a whole lot more. All are clearly visible with indicators on the unit . and all (excluding fuel alert) can trigger an auto-shutdown to keep you and your batteries safe.Four ways to start means power comes easy.When you’re caught short in an outage . ease of use is essential. Start up the Smart Generator(Dual Fuel) via an electric button in 2 seconds flat . Far easier than other options on the market . Alternatively . set it to auto-start* in the app . use the app to start it directly . or rely on the manual starter grip in case of failure.

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